Thesis Award Winners

  • Master – Danjun Xu – University of Amsterdam with “Time Series Analysis of Return Expectations and Asset Allocations: Evidence from Pension Funds”;
  • PhD – Timo Lambregts – Erasmus University with “Consumer decisions in insurance markets: Analyzing demand for long-term care insurance and mental health care”.

* Sponsored by UWV Pension Fund


Bachelor UWV*: Jesson Einmahl (TiU) – Design Optimal Annuities
Master UWV*: Annick van Ool (TiU) – Investment strategies for the pre-retirement and retirement phase of IDC pensions
Master: Wendy van Kessel (TU/e) – Towards socio-spatial welfare
PhD: Cormac O’Dea (University College London) – Essays in the economics of consumption and saving
Tias – Netspar Academy: Sander Duijvis (Timeos), Egbert de Graaf (SVB), Jannie van Leeuwen (Achmea) – Hoe kunnen mensen langer doorwerken?
* Gesponsord door UWV Pensioenfonds


Bachelor: Giacomo Battiston (Università Ca’ Foscari) – Economic Axioms in the Health Context: An Experiment about Kidney Transplant Preferences
Bachelor*: Hai Minh Tran (EUR) – Is good health purchasable by out-of-pocket money in Western Europe? Evidence from SHARE
Master: Sergio Castagnetti (TiU) – Behavioral Models on Reverse Mortgages Understanding Reverse Mortgages (low) demand
Master*: Christian H. Bockweg (EUR) – Framing and Pension Annuities: Experimental Evidence from a Dutch Pension Fund
: Jim Been (Universiteit Leiden) – Pensions, Retirement, and the Financial Position of the Elderly
Tias – Netspar Academy
: Rick Hoogendoorn (DNB), Wilfried Mulder (APG) en Erik Schouten (Aegon) – A Common Framework for Pension Contracts, Irrespective of the Type of Contract or the Type of Provider
* gesponsord door Pensioenfonds UWV


Bachelor*: Dirk Sackman (RUG) – Saving Motives of Dutch Elderly: The Relative Importance of Bequests and Long-Term Care
Master: Yuan Yue (APG/TiU) – Measuring the Cost of Regulatory Funding Ratio Constraints for Defined Benefit Pension Plans
Master*: Rens van Rijn (EUR) – Private Equity and Pensioners: value creation through pension adjustments? Exploratory research into the use of value enhancing pension strategies by private equity firms
PhD: Aleksandar Andonov (UM) – Pension Fund Asset Allocation and Performance
Tias – Netspar Academy: Melanie Meniar-van Vuuren (NN), Pierre van Mierlo (PGGM), Natallia Milko (AFM) en Guido Montulet (Achmea) – Keuzearchitectuur van het Pensioenstelsel
* sponsored by UWV Pension Fund


Bachelor: Jori Arts (TiU) – The effect of the recent financial crisis on defined benefit pension funds’ asset allocation
Master*: Wilbert Ouburg (UvA) – Single and multi-population mortality models for Dutch data
Master: Matthijs Triep (VU) – Losses in the Great Recession: Dutch households under fire
PhD: Peter van Santen (RUG) – Precautionary saving, wealth accumulation and pensions. An empirical microeconomic perspective
PhD: Siert Jan Vos (UvA) – Essays in pension economics and intergenerational risk sharing
TiasNimbas-Netspar Academy: Edwin Lambregts, Sophie Steins Bisschop, Wouter Vinken (allen DNB) – Pension funds’ risk appetite and demography
* sponsored by UWV Pension Fund


Bachelor: Yi He (TiU) – Estimation of premiums for heavy-tailed loss
Master: Hok-Kwan Kan (UvA) – A Bayesian mortality forecasting framework for population and portfolio mortality
Research Master: Ellen Dingemans (TiU) – Bridge employment after early retirement: A bridge to better postretirement well-being of adults?
PhD: Claudine de Meijer (EUR) – Studies of health and long-term care expenditure growth in aging populations


Bachelor: Mark Hup (UU) – Life annuities as a resource of public finance in Holland, 1648-1713. Demand- or supply-driven?
Master: Zina Lekniute (TiU) – A value-based approach to pension plan redesign in the Netherlands. Who will gain and who will lose?
Research Master: Vesile Kutlu (TiU) – Essays on subjective well-being and retirement behavior
PhD: Bart Diris (MU) – Strategic asset allocation. The effect of uncertainty on portfolio choice


Bachelor: Laurie Reijnders (RUG) – Two essays on adverse selection in annuity markets
Master: Sjoerd Timmermans (UvT)  – A cohort-specific collar approach to retirement security


Bachelor: Chau-Hui Ko (TiU) – Is There Heterogenenity in Consumption Drops at Retirement?
Master: Ingmar Minderhoud (TiU) – Modeling Human Capital in Life-Cycle Portfolio Choice: Riskless or Risky?
PhD: Stephen Kastoryano (UvA & VU) – Empirical Analysis of a Training Program: The Benefits of a Multi-Method Approach to Treatment Evaluation


Bachelor: Sjoerd Timmermans (TiU) – Intergenerational risk sharing
Master: Bart Custers (TiU)  – The added value of age differentiation in pension deals
Research Master: Marloes Lammers (VU) – The effects of savings on reservation wages and search effort
PhD: Ralph Koijen (TiU) – Essays on asset pricing


Bachelor: Kay Mennes (TiU) – Valuation of pension entitlements in hetereogeneous populations
Master: Mark Schouten (TiU) – Hedging inflation risk
PhD: Roel Mehlkopf (TiU) – Dynamic portfolio choice with an endogenous retirement date


Bachelor: Lisanne Sanders (TiU) – Modeling solidarity in pension funds
Master: Ralph Stevens (TiU) – Modeling solidarity in pension funds
PhD: Jérémie Lefebvre – Pricing of pension annuities in a context of decreasing mortality: assessing the Lee-Carter model

Netspar, Network for Studies on Pensions, Aging and Retirement, is a thinktank and knowledge network. Netspar is dedicated to promoting a wider understanding of the economic and social implications of pensions, aging and retirement in the Netherlands and Europe.


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