Netspar publications 2019

134 academic and sector-oriented papers within five research programs

In 2019, Netspar published a total of 134 academic and sector-oriented papers. Netspar research takes place within the framework of our four-year research agenda. The multidisciplinary research is coordinated in five programs. Through the links below you can find the papers published in 2019 per program.

  1. Well-being and prosperity of the elderly

Netspar uses an integrated approach to the diverse income and wealth situation of individuals in old age. We look at expenditure patterns and needs, housing situation, healthcare costs, the possible role of social networks and informal care and the experienced well-being of the elderly. Special attention is needed for heterogeneity and potentially vulnerable groups (former self-employed, widows, divorced women and men, people with incomplete AOW, etc.).
For more information, contact program coordinator Arthur van Soest.

  1. Communication and choice

More empowered citizens make demands on the transparency of their pensions and want more control over their content. But consumers do not always make the decisions that are most important to them, especially when it comes to complex decisions with long-term implications and risks that are difficult to oversee; old age decisions. Financial literacy, involvement, behavioral economic and psychological factors play a major role in this.
For more information, contact program coordinator Arthur van Soest.

  1. Work, retirement, housing and care

Pension cannot be viewed separately from the other pillars of old age care, living and work. The amount of capital needed for old age depends on factors such as home ownership and the way in which elderly care is arranged. These elements are often poorly coordinated. The growing emphasis on participation and self-reliance also raises new questions.
For more information, contact program coordinator Arthur van Soest.

  1. Saving, investing and insuring

A key function of the pension system is dealing with various (individual) risks. Consider risks in income, investments, health, family situation, etc. The pension system – together with the government and social security – ensures that these risks are managed and distributed efficiently. In recent years, a great deal has been invested within Netspar to improve our knowledge of financial risks, but important research questions are still open.
For more information, contact program coordinator Bas Werker.

  1. Institutions, governance and solidarity

Program 5 focuses on the institutional aspects of pensions and provisions for old age. Especially for pensions – because of the long-term nature – trusted institutions are an indispensable condition for making contracts possible. Pension governance is one of the key themes.
For more information, contact program coordinator a.i. Theo Nijman.

Netspar, Network for Studies on Pensions, Aging and Retirement, is a thinktank and knowledge network. Netspar is dedicated to promoting a wider understanding of the economic and social implications of pensions, aging and retirement in the Netherlands and Europe.


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